In this ongoing project bean plants are given different drugs to observe whether this has any effect on their behavior. Although not possessing animal-like neurons and thus lacking an animal-like neurosystem (which some animals like sponges lack as well), plants do have an elaborate informations transduction system in which electrical signals are propagated thru its whole body in response to changes in biotic and abiotic information, e.g. a caterpillar biting in their leaves.  

Moreover, recent research has shown that plants posses the same neurotransmitters than animals (1) and that they can be anaesthetized by the same substances (2). However, it is neither clear whether neurotransmitters have the same functions than in animals nor whether all corresponding receptors exist. 

(1) Brenner et al. “Plant Neurobiology: an integrated view” Trends in Plant Science 2006; 11(8): 413-9
(2) Grémiaux et al. “Plant anesthesia supports similarities between animals and plants” Plant Signaling and Behavior 2014; 9: e27886

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