PLANT TIME (or: on moving really really slow)

Videoperformance, 2019

Trying to Become a Plant
 Durational Perfomance, 2019

Ovid's cursed Narcissus managed to become a plant by gazing into his beloved reflection in a pool of water. It's a tragic story, in the end the boy dies: The incapacity to enter into a relationship with someone else than himself kills him and his corpse turns into that yellow flower.

In his performance Felipe Pirlo points at the underlying narcissism of the way we understand and narrate plants. Nowadays, most of the people think that plants are passive objects that do not possess any agency. They are seen as biological automata that aren't sentient, do not make decisions and do not behave in elaborated ways - supposedly all faculties exclusively reserved for humans and some other animals.

The performance was part of the group exhibition "Domestic Plants" @Galerie Oqbo in July 2019 in Berlin. It lasted the whole duration of the exhibition (july 13th - july 28th).

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