The Plant Behavior Lab is a nomadic platform for botanic encounters. It is a space to discuss inter-species relationships and specifically the relation of plants and humans. The Plant Behavior Lab was first established by Felipe Pirro in Berlin, 2017. Since 2019, the PBL is a young collective of artists, researchers and plant enthusiasts aiming to create a space of reflective action, collect knowledges and plant projects and connect people and plants.

In collaboration with artists, researchers, scientists, citizens and plants from different backgrounds the Plant Behaviour Lab is a dispositive to curate spaces, events and exhibitions that explore the notion of behavior and the relations that occur on the moment of interaction between plants and other enteties.


We acknowledge the agency of plants and examine human-plant relations from various viewpoints ranging from ingrained cultural narratives, quotidian interactions and scientific practices to empathic entanglements.

Plants are mediators who can help us critically reflect upon human exceptionalism and actively work against it. Our discourse is situated in a moment of global exhaustion and extinction. This crisis is also a crisis of a narrative.

At the center of this practice is the annäherung of the different time-spaces that we inhabit. In order to allow this to happen we apply different techniques. The Plant Behaviour Lab is a theoretical construct to go beyond descriptions and create a space of experience, an intersection space for plants and humans while being fully aware that this endeavor is prone to fail.


Felipe Pirlo
Felipe founded the Plant Behavior Lab in 2018. He is working at the borders of anthropology, biology and fine art. In videos and performances he plays with subject-object concepts, different time-scales and non-human perspectives.

Simon Knab
Simon is a multimedia artist working on projects with a strong relation to nature and the environment. Issues of ecological abuses are becoming starting points for his personal research. In his installations he presents sculptures, photographs and videos.

In his plant studies he reflects on the utilitarian character of plants as construction material, food and medicine. His research on wild herbs, bad weeds and sprouts is questioning biodiversity globally and defining a more equitable and inclusively socio-economic order.


Lisa Hoffmann
Lisa is an artist and designer creating intersected and interrupted narratives in the form of moving images, performative installations, scenographic objects and applied research.

Her plant research is focused on plants as symbolic entities in mythology, witchcraft and contemporary contemplation. She investigates floral narratives oscillating between culture, cultivation and capitalism. Moreover, looking from the perspective of deep ecology and eco-feminism she is inquiring how notions of human exceptionalism and dualistic thinking are connected to the ecological crisis.


platform for botanic encounters
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